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High resolution images - 300+ dpi (good for printing)
Medium resolution images - 150 dpi
Lower resolution images - 100 dpi (fastest web viewing)

(Current total: 1044 PDFs, many of them have multiple pages)

About the Archive:

When the original documents, letters and photos were scanned, we tried to keep their natural organization. If an envelope had multiple letters or photos in it, we put all of those images in the same digital file. We also scanned the original envelope with its postmark and address information so it would be easier to identify who sent what when and where.

There are no annotations to these files. In other words, there is no identifying information tied to the file names. Someday it would be nice to organize these files into collections so it would be easier to sort by family member, place, time, or nature of document.

If you are interested in helping organize these files, we ought to have a discussion about it on the family mailing list.

These images of old family letters and photos were scanned by three people: Sam Allen, Rebecca Vorimo, and her father David Ream in Virginia. There are currently three series of images in the archive; one for each collection of documents that an individual scanned. If you would like to add to this archive, please contact Sam Allen.

These documents and images were originally scanned at a higher resolution and then downsampled for easier viewing on the web. The images have all been converted into PDF files and many of them are multi-page PDFs. You will need a program like Acrobat Reader to view these images. This program can be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com.