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New Book — Letters of Books and Slates (2019) by Kim Bateman

Kim Bateman has just finished and published a new book detailing the history of the Ream Family of Dingle, Idaho. The PDF book is 296 pages long and can be viewed online or downloaded here. Enjoy!

Letters of Books and Slates — The Love Story of William Dewine Ream and Nora Ellen Crockett and the History of their Families

Notes About the Archive:

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When the original documents, letters and photos were scanned we tried to preserve their natural organization. If an envelope had multiple letters or photos in it, we put all of those images into the same PDF file. We also scanned the original envelope with its postmark and address, when available, so it would be easier to identify who sent what, when and where.

Currently, the filenames contain no clues as to their contents. Someday, it would be nice to organize them into collections so it’s easier for family members to sort them by author, recipient, place, time, or subject matter. If you are interested in helping organize these files, we ought to have a discussion about it on the family mailing list.

These scans were made by three people: Sam Allen, Rebecca Vorimo, and her father David Ream in Virginia. There are currently four series of images in the archive. The last series, series4, is a recent scan of Kim Bateman’s collection. He also provided an index that some might find useful for getting general information about the documents. That index can be found here:


If you would like to add to this archive, please contact Sam Allen.

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